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Mortgage approvals can take as little as 24 hours. 

Mortgage transactions can take as little as 2 weeks, if all information is given to your mortgage broker in a timely manner (income and down payment verification; property details, etc.)



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Homeowners should start shopping for a new term between four and six months before their current mortgage term expires.  Have a mortgage medic shop around for you before you hear from your lender. 

By shopping your mortgage renewal, you can save thousands over the life of your mortgage loan. 

Even if you decide to stay with your lender, a mortgage medic can represent you to your own financial institution – usually resulting in a better rate than you could get on your own. 






Mortgage Renewal Ontario

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Borrowers in Ontario usually spend a lot of time and effort to find an initial mortgage, yet spend no time shopping around for renewals.  Lenders know that almost 60% of borrowers will simply sign and return the renewal notice because it is convenient. Therefore, this mortgage renewal interest rate is rarely the best available.  As a result, borrowers end up needlessly spending thousands more on their mortgage.


Mortgage Medics serves Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and the GTA. We keep our pulse on the new products and programs regularly launched by the financial institutions, making it easier for you to get into that new home sooner.


Today, interest-only loans; self-employment programs; rental purchase programs; vacation property programs; and a host of other innovative financing alternatives are available to borrowers. Mortgage medics can save you time and money by shopping across the hundreds of products and lenders to find the best options for you. 

Since mortgage-based financing is a broker's primary business, mortgage medics have expertise in what type of mortgage financing each lender prefers.


This knowledge not only results in the most favourable rates for each project, but often whether a project is funded at all. Some lending institutions will only accept mortgage submissions from a mortgage broker.  Mortgage medics keep current with rates and products, which can change daily, and know which lender to approach first. As a result, mortgage rates obtained by Brokers are among the best available at the time of placement.





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