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Second Mortgage


If you have a second mortgage at a high interest rate, we can see if you qualify for a lower interest rate with one of our lenders.  Interest rates for second mortgages are typically higher, but can also be refinanced to save you money on interest.  Call a mortgage medic now to diagnose your situation.


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Mortgage Refinancing


According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, the average homeowner refinances his or her mortgage every four years. That's because they can save lots of money in interest over several years by paying off the present mortgage and taking out a new one. Call Mortgage Medics, your local Toronto mortgage refinancing experts today.



Improved Credit Score?


If you have been working at improving your credit score and now qualify for a new mortgage with a better discount, it may make sense to refinance, especially if your existing mortgage is at a high interest rate.  Call a mortgage medic for a free and confidential evaluation of your current credit rating and debts to see how much you could save by refinancing.



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Refinance Mortgage Rate

Historically, interest rates have never been this low.  Should you lock in a new rate now?  Should you choose variable vs. fixed rates? You can stabilize your monthly mortgage payments by changing from a variable to a fixed rate.

Everyone’s situation is somewhat unique.  A Mortgage Medic can review your situation, calculate the costs and benefits, and give you an informed opinion on the options available to you. 


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Since we work for you – not the banks – we can give you straight advice on the products and lenders available.






Mortgage Refinancing Toronto Ontario

Why refinance your mortgage?

Mortgage interest rates are at their lowest; so many Canadians are taking advantage of this and applying for mortgage refinancing.  Especially if you have improved your credit score, you may qualify for a new mortgage with a better discount to refinance an existing high interest mortgage. 



Refinancing often can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest payments. Refinancing is a good option to pull equity out of your home for consolidating debt, home improvements, investments, travel, a cottage, college expenses, paying into your RRSP and more. Refinancing can also reduce your monthly payments. To learn more about how you can consolidate high interest credit cards and other loans into ONE monthly mortgage payment at a lower rate, go to our consolidate debts page.


Refinancing can also help you build your home equity quicker.  A mortgage medic can look at your current debts and financial situation and provide you with options that can save you money and lead to financial independence sooner than you think.


Ontario Refinancing Mortgage Basics

Refinancing can also protect you from rising interest rates if you lock in a low rate now, for as long as a 10 year term. However, mortgage refinancing comes with some short term costs, so it's important to consider both the costs and benefits before making your decision. A mortgage medic can work with you to see if it makes financial sense for you to switch.  Answers are only a phone call away.



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