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Mortgage brokers are independent, trained professionals licensed to represent and provide you with the best advice for your mortgage needs.  We have access to multiple lenders, so we can shop for the lowest and best Canada mortgage rate available.


Mortgage Medics have access to chartered banks, trust companies, corporate and private pension funds, as well as private lenders.


Canada Mortgage Rates - Best Mortgage Rates in Ontario Canada

Of course, "rate" isn't everything. We compare terms, flexibility, fees, etc. to find the best mortgage lending product to suit your long term goals for your family and the future.

Let us shop the mortgage, walk you through the process and offer you expert advice.

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Mortgage Renewal / Refinance mortgage rate


If you are looking to refinance or renew your mortgage, we can get you great rates and flexible products. Don't automatically renew with your bank before checking your options. Mortgage Calculator Tools
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Let Mortgage Medics help you compare bank and lender mortgage rates and help you decide on whether a fixed rate or variable rate mortgage is better for you.


As reported in the Globe and Mail for 2013, continued job growth and a supportive monetary policy as well as continued low interest rates should further fuel the strong Canadian housing market. "....what happens if interest rates rise this year? As long as income and employment are rising as well, this should create an offset demand for housing."


Canada Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Medics has access to many mortgage products and lenders. We can find the best mortgage product for you.

Lowest Mortgage Rate Ontario

Interest Rates are constantly changing and new products are always coming on the market.
Call a Mortgage Medic to find out which products are best for you including term length, variable or fixed interest rate options. Shopping for the best Canada Mortgage rates has never been easier.

Variable 2.20%
Prime - 0.50%
1 Year Fixed 2.29%
2 Year Fixed 2.14%
3 Year Fixed 2.24%
4 Year Fixed 2.39%
5 Year Fixed 2.39%
7 Year Fixed 4.09%
10 Year Fixed 4.49%

*CALL FOR QUICK CLOSE SPECIALS AS LOW AS 2.89% for a 5 Year Term.  Secured Lines of Credit at Prime plus 0.50%.  Rates subject to change without notice. Other conditions and restrictions may apply. Call Mortgage Medics for details. OAC